Robert Benowitz Testimonials

“Hi Bob - You will hear from XX. Great guy and one of my former GM's. He is working through a CEO offer from a PE firm. I told him you are the best :)…”

-- Executive Committee Member of Fortune 500 Health Care Products and Services Company

“It is wonderful to hear from you, and I am glad that you and XX are now in contact with each other! I will refer anyone and everyone in need of legal counsel for employment matters to you! You helped me as I went through a distressing experience ... and I want others who are in a similar situation…..I hope all is well your way. Thank you for helping me get through a terrible experience. I remained in a very dark place for about a year, and I can go back there fast if I think about it for very long …”

-- Senior Leader of a Fortune 500 Worldwide Consumer Health Company

“I retired from…a few years ago, as you know. Being on the `other side,’ I have always had respect for you and how you represented the…executives that worked with you. I kept your contact information and have also made a number of other referrals…I am sure my colleagues wouldn’t appreciate my being a referral service!”  

-- Former Senior Human Resources Executive at Fortune 100 Multi-National Health Care Company

 “I wanted to thank you for your services and really appreciate your efforts in this matter. This means a lot to my family and will help me pay my bills and allow us to maintain a basic life style in the near future. Thanks, again, for taking my case and standing up for fairness against the mighty...”

-- Senior Engineering Executive at Fortune 500 Manufacturer

“I am writing to send along my thanks to you for your support and guidance throughout my separation process from…While never an easy process, your perspective and expertise certainly allowed me to land in an acceptable place. Once again, thank you for your guidance and professionalism in representing me and negotiating my separation.”

-- Executive Vice President of Sales at Fortune 100 Medical Devices Company

“Once again, thank you for your legal counsel, as well as your pragmatic approach to a very challenging personal situation for me. I believe you provided some good therapy along with the legal help! I will let you know if I need any further help in the next round!”

-- Senior Vice President of Strategy at Fortune 100 Health Care Company

“Thank you so much for your heavily discounted legal advice and brains! You are a godsend & thank you so much for making my transition out of…somewhat bearable!!”

-- Senior Marketing Executive at prominent Public Relations Firm

“I will never forget how much you helped me personally and professionally.”

-- CEO of National Publishing Company

“Thanks to your great coaching and guidance.”

-- Senior Human Resources Director at Multi-National Technology Company

“We were pleased with your advice and assistance, so we’ll be happy to use your services again when we next need counsel in the USA.”

-- CEO of International Electronics Display Equipment Company

“I really appreciate you helping me, it made a difference as…is a very immature organization and the HR guy is new here.”

-- Vice President, Head of Content at an Integrated Consulting Firm for the Financial and Technology Sectors

“Thank you again for all of your efforts and patience in helping me optimize my separation. I will be getting my new contract tomorrow. I sense it will be a good offer and I have done some groundwork on what to expect. I will be sending the contract to you to mull over.

-- Senior Research Scientist at Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

“Many thanks for all of your advice and guidance these past few weeks. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.”

-- Executive Global Counsel at Multi-National Conglomerate

“Many thanks for your excellent representation during this difficult time. I will let you know where I land.”

-- Executive at Multi-National Conglomerate

“Thank you, again. I also gave your information to a colleague of mine with a friend in need of counsel.”

-- Senior Human Resources Director at Fortune 100 Biologics and Pharmaceutical Company

“Wanted to call to thank you but didn’t want to interrupt anything. Also hoping I could at least take you out to dinner as a thank you for all your time and help.”

-- Senior Officer at Investment Banking Firm

“Thanks for everything.”

-- Executive Committee Member at Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company